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JP FD Switch

JP FD Switch conveyor
JP FD Switch conveyor
JP FD Switch conveyor
JP FD Switch conveyor

JP FD Switch

The JP FD Switch is designed for food-processing applications. The open design of the conveyor frame and the excellent and easy to clean hybrid belt are ideal for handling unpacked food products. The JP FD Switch has a modular setup and is available in a broad variety of configurations. This allows you to configure the switch exactly to your needs. With the flexible setup, the JP FD Switch always fits in your plant design.

Technical specifications:

Belt type                                                              JP FD 120

Belt material                                                       Panels, Acetal (POM) / Rods, Stainless-steel

Belt Pitch                                                             30 mm (1,2”)

Belt width                                                            800mm

Conveyor length                                                 Approx. 3080mm

Range of adjustment                                         1400mm

Standard sprockets                                            Pitch diameter 96,2 mm

Frame material                                                   Stainless steel

Belt support                                                        Nolu-s (FDA approved)

Belt speed                                                            Up to 35 m/min

Temperature range                                            4 – 80 Celsius

Maximum belt load                                            50 kg

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