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JP Puma Spiral

JP Puma Spiral conveyor
JP Puma Spiral conveyor
JP Puma Spiral conveyor

JP Puma Spiral


The JP Spiral is a vertical conveyor for handling large numbers of unit goods such as bags, boxes and cartons. The spiral is used as a demo and has never been used in production. The conveyor is equipped with a closed plastic panel belt and has no drive.

Technical specifications:

Type:                                  Puma Spiral

Transport direction:       Upwards /Clockwise

Number of tiers:             1,5

Infeed height:                  750 mm.

Outfeed height:               2100 mm.

Belt width:                        400 mm.

Useful width:                    390 mm.

Inside radius:                   600 mm.

Outside diameter:          2000 mm.

Belt material:                   Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide

Maximum belt speed:    60 m/min on the middle radius (R2)

Temperature range:       -30°C to +100°C

Frame material:              Painted steel

Condition:                         As good as new


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