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Puma Spiral

Puma Spiral conveyor
Puma Spiral conveyor
Puma Spiral conveyor

Puma Spiral

The Extreme Spiral Conveyor: extreme belt widths & extreme heights

The Puma Spiral was specially designed for the vertical transport of large quantities of general cargo like bags, boxes and cartons. Consequently, this spiral tower is the ideal conveyor for transporting heavy loads to significant heights.

The Puma Spiral tower offers qualities unrivalled by any competitor in the market. Belt widths up to no less than 1200 mm are no problem at all. This means the spiral can easily transport large quantities and larger products vertically. The belt, featuring a closed belt deck, ensures your products can be transported without any risk of entrapment.

Over the past decades, the Puma Spiral has proven its worth and has distinguished itself in a variety of markets. Currently, this vertical transport belt is, for example, offering great opportunities in e-commerce environments. In these situations, the spiral transporter is able to easily and rapidly transport goods in secondary packaging, such as boxes and bags, up or down. Extreme belt widths combined with excellent reliability make the Puma Spiral the ideal choice for your production environment.

• High speeds
• Heavy loads
• Very robust and reliable
• Positive drive
• Closed panel belt



Belt material Panels: glass fiber reinforced poly Amid (PA) / Rods: Stainless Steel
Frame material Painted Mild steel or Stainless Steel
Belt width 200-400-600-800-1000-1200 mm
Min. Inside belt radius 600 mm
Max. belt speed 60 m/min on middle radius (R2)
Temperature range 0 - 60 degrees C
Allowable belt load 1000 Kg/meter belt width per spiral section
Height Unlimited, spiral can be made out of multiple stacked systems


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