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Sani Curve

Sani Curve conveyor
Sani Curve conveyor
Sani Curve conveyor

Sani Curve

Most hygienic conveyor with a modular belt available in the industry

  • Open belt design
  • Design according USDA/FDA
  • Bi-directional
  • Easy to clean
  • Washdown quality
  • Knife edges

Jonge Poerink Conveyors has developed a revolutionary alternative for the wire mesh curve. A very robust belt that, if necessary, is easy to repair – in contrast to existing wire mesh belts. The new conveyor belt has been designed following USDA and FDA guidelines, ensuring the highest hygienic standards. The newly designed belt offers the same benefits as the wire mesh belt. An open structure that makes it possible to thoroughly clean the belt, both dry and wet washdown execution. Small surface of contact with the product and resistance to both high and low temperatures (-30°C to +80°C). In addition, the centrally positioned drive offers optimum flexibility. This makes it possible to run the belt in both directions.

This new conveyor belt from Jonge Poerink Conveyors offers a compelling alternative to traditional mesh belts. It provides a solution to some of the challenges associated with mesh belts while maintaining the benefits that have made them popular in industrial environments. This innovation positively impacts industries that depend on efficient and hygienic material handling and conveying systems.

The Sani Curve has knife edges on both sides. Together with the new belt design, this enables a smooth and tight transfer, improved tracking, and product stability while allowing a minimum gap between conveyors.

Industries (examples)

  • Snacks (e.g., battered products)
  • Bakery
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Poultry

Belt width (mm/inch) versus inside radius (mm)

Belt width (mm/inch) Inside radius (mm)
203 / 8″ 406, 610, 813, 1016, 1219
406 / 16″ 406, 610, 813, 1016
610 / 24″ 406, 610, 813
813 / 32″ 406, 610
1016 / 40″ 406

Are you ready for the future regarding the hygienic handling of your food products?

The key features and benefits of the newly designed conveyor belt:

Robust and Repairable

Unlike existing wire mesh belts, the new conveyor belt is robust and easy to repair. This will lead to reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Hygienic Design

The belt has been designed following USDA and FDA guidelines, ensuring high hygienic standards. This is crucial, especially in industries where cleanability and hygiene are requested.

Thorough Cleaning

The open structure of the belt allows for thorough cleaning, both through dry and wet washdown execution. This is essential to maintain product quality and prevent contamination.

Low Product Contact

Like wire mesh belts, the new belt offers a small contact surface. This minimizes the chances of product damage or deformation during transportation. Also, does the belt not ‘pinch’ the products.

Temperature Resistance

The belt is resistant to high and low temperatures, ranging from -30°C to +80°C. This extensive range in temperature resistance makes it suitable for various environments and industries.

Centrally Positioned Drive

The centrally positioned drive provides optimal flexibility and allows the belt to run in both directions. This can be advantageous in applications where the direction of movement needs to be changed.


Belt material POM/Acetal Food-approved
Rod material Stainless steel
Belt radius on in- and outfeed 21 mm
Belt speed max. 30 m/min on middle radius (R2)
Product temperature range -30°C to +80°C
Ambient temperature range -30°C to +40°C


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