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JPHD Conveyor

JPHD Conveyor conveyor
JPHD Conveyor conveyor
JPHD Conveyor conveyor

JPHD Conveyor

Modular design fits easily into any production line

  • Full-width stainless steel rod ensures a flat belt surface
  • A choice of belt types with or without high-friction top
  • Modular setup
  • Heavy loads and high-capacity conveyance
  • Small inner radius

The JPHD Series has a modular setup and a wide range of in/outfeed configurations. This allows you to configure the conveyor in precisely the way you want. You can adapt the JPHD Conveyor to the layout of your production area. The JPHD Conveyor is designed for the transportation of heavy products. The solid construction and the strong hybrid belt provide a high-capacity transport. This makes the JPHD Conveyor ideal for demanding industries like beverage and breweries. In addition, JPHD Conveyor is also suitable for the logistics market.

The conveyor belt used in the JPHD Series combines plastic panels with stainless steel inserts. The JPHD Conveyor is designed for a very smooth and efficient conveying surface. The strength of the hybrid belt makes the JPHD Series suitable for all kinds of loads and dimensions.

JPHD Conveyors have a complete stainless steel construction. The conveyor belt can be cleaned easily because the frame, belt inserts, and bearings are entirely stainless steel.

Long life and low maintenance

JPHD Conveyors are designed for heavy-duty use: high-capacity transport of heavy product loads vertically and horizontally. The rigid construction of the conveyor and high-quality components and materials ensure a long lifetime and low maintenance costs. The JPHD Conveyor has a strong belt with stainless steel rods and a stainless steel link chain, maximizing your plant’s uptime.

Easy to install

Small JPHD Conveyors will be delivered in one piece, but the longer ones will be delivered in parts but can be mounted together easily. So, the installation time needed is reduced to a minimum. JPHD Conveyor is up and running in no time.

Low Friction

The JPHD Conveyor is center-driven by a robust stainless steel chain link. The friction coefficient is reduced to a minimum using a guide bearing in the middle of the belt.

Technical specifications

  • Heavy loads up to 45 kg/m
  • High belt speeds up to 35 m/min

Full-width rod prevents belt breakage and flipping

The plastic panels of the belt are fixed over the entire width of the belt with a 6 mm stainless steel rod. This design ensures a flat belt surface and prevents belt panels from breaking out. Guide bearings at both sides prevent the flipping of the belt. This belt design reduces the risk of unexpected breakage and makes the JPHD a reliable conveyor.

Glass fiber-reinforced polyamide belt panels

The JPHD belt panels are made of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide to prevent wear during heavy-duty use. The excellent wear resistance is perfect for transporting packed bottles and cases—friction top for conveying slick products.

One drive

JPHD Conveyors need only one drive. The drive has a robust stainless steel link chain connected to the belt.


Belt PA6 Glass fibre reinforced, Polyamide, Stainless-steel rods and links, Desmopan anti-slide (option)
Belt width 308 mm (12”)
Belt pitch 27.4 mm (1.08”)
Belt thickness 19 mm
Rod diameter 6 mm stainless steel
Inside belt radius 500 mm
Outside belt radius 808 mm
Guide bearing middle Stainless steel 627-2RS (Ø 22)
Guide bearing outside Stainless steel 627-2RS (Ø 22)
Frame material Stainless steel or painted steel
Sprocket Z = 14, Acetal (POM), Stc = 123, 13 mm
Max. belt speed 35 m/min
Temperature range 0 - +60 °C
Drive method Sprockets (positive driven)


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