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Jonge Poerink Conveyors offers you various conveyors in designs that specifically meet the applicable ATEX directive. With the Puma in the ATEX version, for example, we have created a suitable curve conveyor. In addition, we also offer straight tracks in the ATEX design, namely the KPA. If you need to transport goods vertically in accordance with ATEX, we offer the JP HD Spiral.

Our conveyors can be made suitable for both ATEX-21 and ATEX-22 zones. In concrete terms, ATEX for our conveyors means that we adapt the belt, bearings and motor on our conveyors for ATEX. The special belt, made of Bergamid, for example, ensures:

  • proper electrical and flame retardant properties
  • good chemical resistance

For more information, please refer to our various product pages:

Please contact us for any specific or further information on the ATEX versions. We have all knowledge in-house and would be happy to advise you.

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