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JPHD-XL Spiral

JPHD-XL Spiral conveyor
JPHD-XL Spiral conveyor

JPHD-XL Spiral

A spiral conveyor that goes the extra mile

  • Robust belt design
  • Closed belt surface
  • Small inner radius
  • Belt widths (400 + 500 + 600 mm)
  • Frame available in stainless steel
  • Heavy loads and high-capacity conveyance

Our new JPHD-XL Spiral is an improved version of a highly successful predecessor. We can better meet your specific requirements by introducing several innovative modifications and adaptations to our famed JPHD Spiral.

This new spiral intended for vertical transport is available in 400 mm, 500 mm, and 600 mm belt widths. They all have a center radius of 800 mm. The 400 mm belt has a 1000 mm outside radius, the 500 mm has a 1050 mm outside radius, and the 600 mm belt has an 1100 mm outside radius.

Unlike the products made by our competitors, our spiral conveyor benefits from a stainless steel rod that supports a large part of the belt, which improves belt stability and keeps the winged panel level. Moreover, our interlocking panels create an entirely closed belt surface. This enhances the stability of the belt and reduces the risk of crushing bags, which is currently a widespread problem. Therefore, this new spiral conveyor is an excellent alternative to our competitor’s existing conveyors.

The JPHD-XL Spiral conveyor is available in painted steel and stainless steel. The belt used in this spiral conveyor features ‘anti-slide inserts,’ guaranteeing maximum product stability and preventing slippery products from sliding on the belt.



Belt PA6 Glass fiber reinforced, Polyamide, stainless steel rods, and links, Desmopan anti-slide (option)
Belt width 400 / 500 / 600 mm
Belt pitch 50,8 mm
Belt thickness 19 mm
Rod diameter 6 mm stainless steel
Inside belt radius 600 / 550 / 500 mm
Outside belt radius 1000 / 1050 / 1100 mm
Guide bearing middle Stainless steel 627-2RS (Ø 22)
Guide bearing outside Stainless steel 627-2RS (Ø 22)
Frame material Stainless steel or painted steel
Sprocket Z = 10, Acetal (POM), Stc = 164,4
Max. belt speed 35 m/min
Temperature range 0 - +60°C
Drive method Sprockets (positive driven)


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