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Exploring the Sani Series

Maximum hygiene: the innovative Sani Series

We are proud of this revolutionary development: the innovative Sani Series combines all the positive properties of traditional conveyor belts for the food industry: maximum hygiene, small takeovers for trouble-free transport of small products, easy cleaning and repair, and low acquisition and maintenance costs.

With the design of the Sani Series, Jonge Poerink has raised the bar again for hygienic internal food transport! Our customers have enthusiastically received this new alternative to the grill belt. The Sani Series is especially suitable for unpackaged food products such as meat, fish, dough products, snack products, and more. Due to the knife edges, the Sani conveyor takes over small products without problems. The frame is available in stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316. The appealing design naturally complies with USDA/FDA guidelines.

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The Sani Series includes three products:

Sani Curve: A curved belt meeting the highest hygiene standards.
Sani Line: Connects various components in the transport line.
Sani Transfer: Ensures perfect and stable product transfer.


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Testimony of Henning Matias Kamhaug of Foodtech Industri

Could you give a short introduction to your company?
“Norwegian food processors trust Foodtech Industri as a leading supplier of equipment and solutions. We specialize in meeting the needs of the meat, fish, vegetable, and bakery industries. Also are we well introduced in the bottle / can and glass industry.”

Which conveyors have you purchased from Jonge Poerink Conveyors?
“I have purchased JPFD-Spirals and Cleatrac belt solutions for Rørvik, and for Nortura the Sani Series.”

What is your experience with these conveyors?
“For years, I’ve been relying on JPC conveyors to keep my operation running smoothly. Their high-quality, low-maintenance, and hygienic design is a game-changer. No matter which product I want to transport on them, JPC conveyors handle it with ease. Plus, the easy cleaning and robust build mean less downtime and more satisfied customers.”

Would you recommend Jonge Poerink Conveyor’s products to other companies?
“Yes, for businesses in need of reliable and efficient internal food transport solutions, I highly recommend Jonge Poerink Conveyors.”

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